"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."


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corre muy rápido…
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Every kid should be this appreciative

That’s my child right there.
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Word on the Street
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soul-716 *creates the human butt*
soul-716 Oh they are gonna love this

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lechuga :)

ctm alguien se dió cuenta de lo que dice el primer comentario de la foto? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Que carajosXDDDDD COMO ” lechuga” va a significar “nunca te rindas” XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD GKDJFLSFKDKF GRINGOS ICKSGKDJFLSF


Hahahahah LECHUGA AMIGO! Hahahahaha que horror hahahha muero
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How you doin’?

Hey followers, how’s it going? It’s been a while since I’ve been on this site. I’ve reblogged here and there but never stuck for long. I was looking at my page and saw that I still had age 20 on it, I’m fucking 22 now haha!  Anyways I know I say this all the time, that I’ll try to be more active and all that but fuck it I won’t make any more promises I can’t keep. I just want to thank those who still follow me, I miss the few of you here that I got to talk to.

A brief update on my life so far, to those of you who care thank you, I can’t remember the last thing that I wrote to you guys but I’ll just talk about some major events that happened in the last few months.
- I quit my shitty job at the gas station I was working at (wooohoo) I was there for 2 years and 8 months! 
- I became a substitute and a damn good one at that! Got a long term position while I was doing that with a 4th grade class, best job I’ve ever had.
- Opened up my own dojo at the local gym in my town. Had a bumpy start to be honest, started with 2 students but now I have over 15! Close to a year now that I became a sensei.
- I’m still competing in Karate, got 3rd place in Kata this year at state. I did kata against a UFC fighter for it his name is Ryan Jimmo, pretty cool dude. My sensei fought him in Kumite and beat him too, poor dude I’m a fan of his record setting knockout but he couldn’t handle us (haha ok no :P)
-I WENT TO FUCKING SPAIN BITCHES! WHAT?! yup…ten days! pretty epic trip, went with my sensei, a karate student of ours and myself. We trained with Karate WorldChampions past and present, learned a great deal from them and befriended all of them. We traveled all over as well, saw a fucking Champions League game between Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid! It was the greatest adventure I’ve had so far :)
- During all of these awesome events something happened where I stopped substituting in my district and started working at a call center for ATT. It sucked ass but I was good at selling and they paid me very well so I stuck at it. 
-Bullshit drama happened at the call center job and I left, since I was still licensed to substitute I did that for the remainder of May. Was unemployed until mid June.
- Started working at the same shitty gas station I left back in November…oh and graveyard shift now (10pm to 6am) -__-
- I’m going through a process of becoming a Correctional Officer at state prison since I am no longer studying. I want to continue my education but my momma needs help with bills so Imma start bringing home the bacon with this job, hopefully fucking soon.
- Saving the best for last…I have a girlfriend woohoo!
Now I know it’s not long time that we’ve been together, it’s going to be 2 months this 20th, but goddamn does this girl drive me crazy (in a good way of course!). I’m head over heels for her and all that cheesy stuff too. She’s fucking adorable and cute as fuck, can’t even describe how beautiful she is because I swear I’m at a loss for words. One of the kindest human beings too, and has pretty badass taste in music! Her name is Jessica, loves tumblr (pretty much the only reason I’m back here really) and makes me a very happy guy :)
I won’t bother you guys with the details about why I like this girl so much, but I swear if I did, this post would go on for fucking ever man. 
http://pav-love.tumblr.com/  (this is her blog btw, follow her!)

ummm yeah that’s a lot of writing haha. Thanks again to those who actually read all my mess. I’m starting to see these entries as bits from a journal or something idk. Hopefully the next time I write one of these badboys I’m working as a Correctional Officer and am still with my gf haha :P

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"Si te caes, te levanto.
Y si no, me acuesto contigo."
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Basement // Pine
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